The Ethics of Secrets

What role do secrets play in our lives, and are there some secrets that are best kept? Are there secrets that we have a ‘right’ or ‘duty’ to keep private and others that we have a ‘responsibility’ to tell? When can revealing secrets cause more harm than good? And to what extent, if any, should consequences be factored into our deliberations?

I don’t know if it’s Art, but…

If you look online, there are a host of opinions on what art and aesthetics are. As starting points for today’s campfire, I have a couple of resources to give us some common ground – particularly for those not familiar with aesthetics. I also provide information on a work that caused considerable controversy in 2000,Continue reading “I don’t know if it’s Art, but…”

Does it matter if we do not know where our food comes from?

With most Australians growing up in cities and most farms now run by corporations, we are increasingly removed from where and how our food is grown, processed, and packaged for our consumption. Even if you want to be a “responsible consumer” it can be hard to work out what is truth and what is “greenwashing”.Continue reading “Does it matter if we do not know where our food comes from?”