Does it matter if we do not know where our food comes from?

With most Australians growing up in cities and most farms now run by corporations, we are increasingly removed from where and how our food is grown, processed, and packaged for our consumption. Even if you want to be a “responsible consumer” it can be hard to work out what is truth and what is “greenwashing”.

Does it matter?

Saturday, March 12, 2022
2:15 PM to 3:45 PM AEDT


For most of us, food comes from a shop.
Do we need to think more deeply about it than that?
Is being concerned about things like:

  • Food Miles
  • What has been used to treat/grow/raise/process what we are consuming? How are the land and the animals that are part of that food production chain treated?
  • How much time has elapsed between the picking/processing and it reaching us for consumption?
  • Who owns, controls and benefits from the supply chain and whether everyone involved is earning a livable income; treated ethically?

something that is best left to those with the time and money to spend on it, or things that everyone should be talking about?

The format for the event is that of a campsite open fire, folks who may have crossed paths in other meetups and friends who have not met yet. There is no required knowledge, education level, or perspective. Still, as with most campfire discussions, if you have little ones about you, you need to use your parental/guardian discretion about whether they should be within earshot – not all family stories are happy ones, and they should still have places people can tell them.

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