Open Topic Hangout

Bring your beverage (and snack of choice if you want one) to wherever you most comfortably use your computer and come hangout round the 🔥virtual campfire🔥 to talk about life and the attitudes (theories) that act as guiding principles for behaviour.

Burning Wood Above Rocks

These sessions do not have a topic to get us started, so feel free to bring any ideas you want to discuss or hear the thoughts of others on.

As with all healthy campfire discussions, civility is a requirement but curse words are not uncivil by default. Disrespect of others is not okay. Intolerance is not okay. Different views are perfectly fine – as long as those views are not being projected onto others.

🌈 This campfire is LGBTIAQ+ friendly 🌈

Fourth Saturday of every month
2:30PM to 4 PM AEST/AEDT

RSVP on Meetup – hangout dates are available here


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