• Utilitarianism

    “As special as you are, you are no more special than anyone else” – Utilitarianism

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  • The Ethics of Secrets

    What role do secrets play in our lives, and are there some secrets that are best kept? Are there secrets that we have a ‘right’ or ‘duty’ to keep private and others that we have a ‘responsibility’ to tell? When can revealing secrets cause more harm than good? And to what extent, if any, should…

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  • Stoicism

    caveat lector There is a difference between “Stoicism” and “‘stoicism”; the word’s lowercase use as a noun and an adjective, meaning “not affected by or showing passion or feeling”, has been occurring since the 15th/16th Century. When capitalised, the term refers to the school of philosophy founded about 300 b.c. by Zeno of Citium, andContinue…

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