Open Topic Campfires

For the campfires that do not have a topic listed and resources prepared, the event will take some cues from the Unhurried format.

  • everybody has the opportunity to speak, you signal that you would like to speak by raising you hand (so it can be seen on the camera) and you can talk about whatever you want – within the guidelines of the group – without interruption. You signal you are finished by raising your hand again in the video frame – or saying that you are done.
  • the event host will keep track of who has indicated they wish to speak, and “pass the floor” to the next person.
  • turn you video on – even if you are not speaking. When we can’t see each other, it disrupts the feeling of being part of a group that is sharing space together. If you need to “duck out” for a moment, this is okay, if you are gone for too long you may need to ask to re-enter the room.
  • When you’re talking, talk to the whole group. By all means refer to others in the group, but share with everybody.
  • Only one person talks at a time, and when you finish speaking you are giving up control of what happens next. The person who follows you can talk about whatever they wish, just as you could talk about whatever you wanted to.
  • You can ask questions, but don’t expect that you will necessarily get answers, or you may get them but not straight away. (Asking questions and expecting answers, especially from individuals, tends to disrupt the flow)
  • The host will keep track of who speaks next, but is not a “facilitator” or “discussion leader”. They are free to participate (or not) in the discussion in the manner of any other campfire companion.